Holden Richards

Holden Richards What I Gave Away ...is a romantic, jangly acoustic-driven bit of soaring, yet somber jubilation! A panoply of cool, timeless sounds and healthy doses of acoustic jangle with texture and nuance. -- Not Lame Records

Richards looks like Buddy Holly and sounds a bit like Wilco with a side order of catchy pop hooks ala Marshall Crenshaw. Check out "Losers Day" and you'll see exactly what I mean. Other standouts are "What I Gave Away" and "Lets Just Talk About The Weather". Oh, and I also dig the exotic rhythms of "I Don't Know".
- Ear Candy Magazine - April 2005

...What I Gave Away is a pure pop album. The tunes ring with chiming guitars and hummable melodies. This is not underground crap, but rather pop music in the classic sense... LMNOP.com